With more than 15 years of design experience, Kenneth White brings together the knowledge of how projects are completed along with more important question: why? It’s not only what you have to say—your message—but how it connects to the audience that makes any communication successful. Whether you need a fresh start on a new brand visualization or support for producing an existing campaign, Kenneth White Design can help.

structure + planning + emotion?

That’s the shorthand Kenneth White uses to describe his process. In every design, he combines the different aspects of how a successful message is created:

Structure is defining the strategy behind what you want to do. Is a catalog really what you need or would it be more cost-efficient to drive more traffic to your website? What is it you are trying to build?

After you know what it is you’re building, the next step is planning. Is your project being driven by budget, by time, or by coordinating with another event? Kenneth White Design can help you coordinate different parts of your project to meet different delivery needs.

Finally, your message has to connect to your audience in a way that is culturally significant, in a way that means something. Emotion is the key to reaching deeper. Your message moves from being broadcast to being received and processed. Kenneth White Design specializes in creative design that not only reaches your audience, it moves them.



AIGA Nashville Case Awards – Merit Award – Brand Identity Design