nokian_brand_home Brand Systems - May 4, 2008

Nokian Tires Branding

Good branding is about being consistent, but being consistent doesn’t have to be boring. It all starts one-piece-at-a-time, slowly building the image vocabulary that is applied across banners, posters, point-of-purchase, and eventually even to environmental graphics.

While visual design is only one small piece of what makes a good brand, it is almost always responsible for giving a product or service its first impression. Consumers use the perceived quality of the visual experience to frame their understanding and trust of the product.

One of the first projects that began to shape Nokian Tires North American marketing was a backlit sign for the headquarters lobby.

Right away, the goal of Kenneth White Design was to begin building a visual vocabulary built on common winter elements remixed with deconstructions of snow tires. By turning the positive qualities of the products into those things associated with winter, the customer could begin tying those concepts together while learning more about the product.


After the success of the corporate interior styling, we began exploring ways to expand this vibrant, new vocabulary into the summer and all-weather lines.

At this point, we had built enough of the visual vocabulary of the brand. Now it was time to start bringing together the various treatments of the logo, brand colors and supporting typography used differently by each design vendor. No one knew when to use the tagline, what colors to use, how to position the logo, etc. We suggested creating a brand standards guide to insure a standard logo treatment and consistent font choices.




Ultimately, the brand standards for all of Nokian Tyres—North American and International—would be brought under a single standard using uniform typograpyh and colors. The dealership lobby signs below represent the shift to a friendlier typeface and the use of green as the new brand identifier.