manuel_home Custom Type - February 14, 2008

Manuel Font

Custom type design work can arrive in may forms from language needs to logo fonts to illustration. In this instance, Kenneth White Design was asked to create a typeface based on the logo for the famous country couture star, Manuel. More »

woodness_home Custom Type, Favorites - January 6, 2006

Woodness Gracious Font

Type design is a special love of mine, and Kenneth White Design loves the opportunity to either alter letterforms in a design or create a whole new typeface from scratch. While working on GX: The Guard Experience Magazine, I wanted to find a font that had a letterpressed feel. Unfortunately, the fonts that were on the market at that time didn’t have the personality and cantankerousness I wanted. More »

star_font_home Custom Type - July 1, 2003

Star Font

Star is Kenneth White Design’s response to a design challenge. How can we make a font that looks digital, but that would also work as a high-end display face? It was originally designed as part of the logo for Lucky Seven Design, but caught the eye of other designers who saw the possibilities of it in work they were doing. Kenneth then took the logo and blew it out into a full typeface for use on other projects. More »