liquid_ice_home Environmental, Favorites - October 28, 2008

Liquid Ice Wall

How do you create a frozen environment with no time and little budget? You freeze the senses. While at Iostudio, Kenneth White was asked to create a back wall and supporting graphics for a bar that would catch the attention of consumers and support the Liquid Ice brand.

lake_bash_home Favorites, Packaging - June 6, 2007

Lake Bash CD’s

Sometimes it’s nice to just be able to do fun work with people you love. Every year a group of friends and I have a lake trip, and every year we compile a mixed CD to celebrate the sun and relaxation. These CD’s greeted everyone as they arrived at the lake house and reached for that first beverage of the weekend. More »

nokian_wall_home Environmental, Favorites - April 6, 2006

Nokian Tires Corporate Art

You are the president of American subsidiary of an international corporation. You have one week before a visit from the executives. What do you do to spruce up your office for the big meeting? You give a call to Kenneth White Design and let the creative mind go to work for you. More »

woodness_home Custom Type, Favorites - January 6, 2006

Woodness Gracious Font

Type design is a special love of mine, and Kenneth White Design loves the opportunity to either alter letterforms in a design or create a whole new typeface from scratch. While working on GX: The Guard Experience Magazine, I wanted to find a font that had a letterpressed feel. Unfortunately, the fonts that were on the market at that time didn’t have the personality and cantankerousness I wanted. More »

skinzen_brochure_home Favorites, Sales Collateral - September 6, 2005

Skinzen Brochure

Skinzen needed a way to promote their services on a narrow budget. The challenge with limited color printing is to create graphics that are striking but not stark. Here, Kenneth White Design came up with a visual vocabulary that could be applied everywhere from ads to signage to the web while still keeping the look fun and exciting.