nokian_wall_home Environmental, Favorites - April 6, 2006

Nokian Tires Corporate Art

You are the president of American subsidiary of an international corporation. You have one week before a visit from the executives. What do you do to spruce up your office for the big meeting? You give a call to Kenneth White Design and let the creative mind go to work for you.

The total time from the minute we were called until the project was complete and ready to show was one week. Not only did we come up with a great solution, but it was planned and structured to maximize our time and our impact.

As soon as the project was started, we met with Nokian Tires to discuss the possibilities and measure the space. We wanted to have the office feel as though it was branded without plastering the walls with ads that would become dated in a year. Our solution was to create two murals based on seasonal driving conditions that would appear to fill the entire hallway. The foundation of the art would be elements of past Nokian advertising, parts of the design of the tires themselves and new artwork to echo the seasons and bring the vibrant compositions together. By breaking the murals into differing frame widths, we were able to accomodate the irregular floorplan.

In the plan, the entrance is on the left with the art flowing down the main hall and a side hall of the office. Each different width of frame is color-coded and numbered to match with a division in the mural.

Below is a sample of both the left (the top two) and the right murals. Following are full sized samples of each of the different widths.





Although the pictures don’t do it justice, it helps to see the final installation.



Months after the art was placed, everyone at Nokian had claimed a favorite cross-section… usually the one right next to their personal office doors.

The murals would later become so popular that they became the framework for the following year’s campaign.

Art Direction: Kenneth White
Design: Andrew Nixon, Kenneth White