Evan Baines Photography Logo Identity - June 8, 2009

Evan Baines Photography Logo

Evan Baines, an award-winning bridal and commercial photographer, approached Kenneth White Design with the need to create a elegant mark that would lead his brand message of exceptional attention to detail and impeccable quality. He needed an identity that would look at home on the pages of a high-fashion bridal magazine and that would also function well embossed into photos or letterpressed on fine cover paper.

After the initial interview, Kenneth White Design came back with a round of sketches that ran the gamut from whimsical to refined. A clear group of favorites emerged very quickly during the design review—the competition were choosing marks that were frilly, trendy and organic. To set himself apart from the crowd, Evan Baines wanted an identity that was clean, classic, and timeless.

Evan Baines Photography

Once the direction of the design had focused on the upscale message, a final round of candidate logos were created. The sketch that Evan had originally been excited about was now the clear choice. The mark would go through one more round of intricate refinement before being released to the world. Kenneth White Design created a style guide to complement the finished identity so that everywhere the mark was applied by Evan Baines or his staff, it would reinforce the brand message.

Evan Baines Photography

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Client: Evan Baines Photography