eb_website_home Website Design - October 9, 2009

Evan Baines Photography Website

Following on the heels of the Evan Baines Photography identity, Kenneth White Design built a custom gallery and blog website. Keeping with the brand values of clean, classic, and timeless images, the expression of the site was kept to a minimum. It was important to let the photography speak for itself and to let the design reinforce the brand.

In addition to the front-end looks, the site back-end had to allow Evan to update everything. We structured the site in WordPress so he could feed the hompage slideshow, all the galleries and his blog posts through one simple interface. All he has to do is publish one article, and the site will publish the photos in that article as he directs them. This was a key departure from the way traditional photography sites work—keeping the blog and the gallery as separate entities which causes double the work.


Check out www.evanbaines.com.

Client: Evan Baines Photography

I want to give a big shout-out to those who backed us up on this project. It always helps to have friends around who know more than you do.
Justin Meyers – Plastic Monument
Jason Moran and Isreal Orange
Marc Sexton – I Must Build

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